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image Allwebco Design Corporation was started as a division of AllWebCo Hosting in the summer of 1996. Late in 2004, Allwebco Design became a separate entity providing website templates and website and Flash applications to their own clients, as well as many of AllWebCo's hosting clients. Both companies now have many thousands of clients and provide services and web site template software to Internet users worldwide.

Allwebco Design is based in the northern Chicago suburbs, with a commitment to timely support and providing the very best products and services for all our clients worldwide. The majority of our clients are new users, and we are doing our best to make setting up a website as easy and accessible as possible.

We understand that setting up a website is a complex and sometimes frustrating process. Many things on the Internet don't seem to work properly, and nobody wants to take time out of their schedule to set up a site when it's not your primary mission. We have designed our support area to make sure you have the help and support you need, so you don't have to waste your time reading page after page of info just to find a simple solution to a basic problem.

Our goal is to make the Web a more beautiful place to be; one website template at a time!

Allwebco Design Corporation

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