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Below are some of the conditions that apply to working on our orchard.
A fruit picking job with R J Cornish & Co Pt Ltd means

The opportunity to work outdoors, get fit, meet interesting people and make some reasonable money at the same time by: 

  • Assisting with the fruit harvest as a piece-work fruit picker as reasonably directed by a ganger or supervisor.

  • Picking fruit as directed following pecifications of the size and colour of fruit to be picked.

  • Picking fruit into a proper picking bag and carrying the bag of fruit which can weigh up to 20 kg, to a bin and gently releasing the fruit so as not to cause undue bruising damage.

  • Working from a ladder to reach fruit on trees beyond reach of ground level.

  • Moving a 3 metre ladder that weighs approximately 17 kg around trees, and from tree to tree.

  • Using safe working practices and following guidelines provided by the employer in Occupational Health and Safety, including Food Safety Instructions.

The work involves heavy physical labour and is not suitable for everyone. New fruit pickers will participate in an induction program  which covers picking skills as well as health and safety prior to starting work.

These fruit picking jobs are piece work - there is no minimum or fixed weekly wage..

If we offer you a job it will be as a piece-work fruit picker. This means that your earnings are based on your productivity. The more bins of fruit you pick the more you will earn. There is no minimum or fixed weekly wage.

The pay rate for a bin of fruit is worked out in accordance with the Horticulture Award 2010 and set in agreement with the Australian Worker's Union. These rates will be paid for all work performed in accordance with the agreement you sign at the commencement of employment. The current piecework rates are shown here.

Occupational Health & Safety matters .

We take the safety of our workers seriously and in return expect our workers to use safe working practices and to adhere to our policies which are both printed and given to all workers and reinforced by our supervisors.

Suitable clothing for fruit picking ...

imageA long sleeved shirt, long trousers and a soft brimmed hat, help to avoid sunburn.  Boots or firm shoes will protect your feet. Hats are compulsory and thongs or bare feet are not permitted.


Drugs and Alcohol ...

The use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol is not permitted at this workplace. Alcohol is to be confined to the camp area and is not permitted near any work site. You will not be allowed to work if you are affected by drugs or alcohol (and you may be dismissed) as you would be regarded as a danger to yourself and others. If you have been stood down from working as a result of a breach of our drugs and alcohol policy one consequence is your employment may be terminated. The company has a handheld digital alcohol meter and may ask individual workers or groups of workers to provide a breath sample for analysis.

Disclosure of any pre-existing injuries or illness

If you apply for a position you are required to disclose:

  • any pre-existing injuries or illnesses that you know about, and/or
  • any condition that you could reasonably foresee that could be affected by your proposed employment as a fruit picker.

If you fail to disclose the above information, or if you make a false or misleading disclosure, then you will not be entitled to any Workcover compensation for any recurrence, aggravation, acceleration, exacerbation or deterioration of the pre-existing injury or illness.

Photo ID is required for all employees

If you are offered a job you must provide a suitable Photo ID (such as a Drivers Licence or passport) which will be photocopied onto your employment papers. If you do not supply a Photo ID you cannot work with us.

Fruit picking is paid by piecework

Almost all of the fruit picking on our orchard is paid on piece work rates and fruit pickers are not guaranteed a minimum amount per hour.

Payment of earnings

Pay week ends on Wednesday evening. Your earnings (less deductions including tax) are paid by direct bank transfer each Thursday evening and funds are normally available on Friday. We do not pay by cheque or cash.

If you leave our employment before the end of the pay week (Wednesday afternoon) your net pay will be paid by bank transfer at the same time as other employees and will be normally in your bank account on Friday.

Almost all of the fruit picking on our orchard is paid on piecework rates and fruit pickers are not guaranteed a minimum amount per hour. Pay rates are set by provision of the Horticulture Award 2010 and by agreement with the Australian Worker's Union. Current piecework bin rates are listed here.

Work hours and length of employment

The fruit picking work day is usually 7.00 am – 3.40 pm Monday to Thursday with an earlier finish on Friday around 1.30 pm. If work is availabe we will also work on Sunday.

Not everyone will be offered a job

We offer fruit picking work based on the suitability of applicants for work of this nature and our labour requirements. Due to the very high number of applications we receive for a limited number of positions many people who consider they would be suitable as fruit pickers will not be offered a job on our orchard.

Union Membership

This Company supports and recommends membership of the Australian Workers Union (AWU) for seasonal employees.  Membership is not compulsory. You will be asked to indicate at signing on if you wish to become a seasonal member of the AWU on the basis of a weekly deduction of $5.00 taken from your pay.

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